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Whole Body Cryotherapy
Cryo T-Shock
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Who is Using Cryotherapy?

Tony Robbins Cryotherapy
NBA Star Cryotherapy
Boxing Champion Cryotherapy
Hollywood Star Cryotherapy

Tony Robbins

Motivational Speaker

Lebron James
NBA Superstar

Floyd Mayweather
Boxing Champion

Jessica Alba
Movie Star

originally developed in Japan to treat arthritis patients, it has since been used to measurably heighten sports performance as well as achieve total body wellness. Today Cryotherapy is also used to fight inflammation, reduce muscle pain, soreness and  improve mood imbalance.

This cold craze may seem like a relatively new discovery or even a trend, but it’s actually been in use for three decades in Europe and Japan, and some date its first use back to the seventeenth century. Currently garnering mainstream attention due to elite athletes’ and trainers’ discovery of its muscle-recovery properties, it’s not just for gym rats, professional sports players, and the ultra-active. Many are turning to cryotherapy for its positive effects on the visible signs of aging, mood and sleep disorders, and much more.

So what can cryotherapy do for you?

  • Decrease muscle recovery time

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • Support energy levels

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve circulation

  • Manage pain

  • Elevate mood

  • Improve sleep

  • Promote weight loss

  • Boost collagen production

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Whole Body Cryotherapy
Fitness Beauty Wellness Cryotherapy
Benefits Cryotherapy


Body Cryotherapy


Increasing oxygen in the body’s fluids and cells has numerous health benefits. Whole body cryotherapy activates endorphins that numb pain and reduce inflammation, providing much-needed relief for muscle aches and joint pain. Whole Body Cryotherapy has also been shown to help with insomnia, muscle pain, Rheumatoid disorders, and Fibromyalgia. An added benefit: Endorphins also improve mood and reduce stress, inducing the famous cryo buzz you feel after a session. In short, you'll feel reenergized and amazing!


The Science 

Cryotherapy is the use of extremely low temperatures to address a variety of health issues from joint pain to muscle soreness, weight loss to skin problems and overall wellness. Employing the use of chambers that emit cold, dry air to the skin’s tissues, cryotherapy works through a process of vasoconstriction and vasodilation. As the body is exposed to these cold temperatures and the peripheral tissues send blood to the core to protect the body’s internal temperature, the blood is cleansed of toxins and supplied with fresh oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients. After a cryotherapy session ends, tissues and organs are replenished with this nutrient-rich blood and participants immediately feel revitalized, with further restorative benefits occurring hours later. Additional cumulative benefits are achieved after several months of treatment.

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The oxygen and enzyme boost in the blood have direct effects on muscle tissue. Creatine Kinase (CK), an indicator of muscle damage, leaks from muscle damage after workouts. Cryotherapy has been found to decrease these indicators significantly. Whole Body Cryotherapy has also been shown to decrease inflammatory cytokines and increase levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines compared to a passive recovery. These findings suggest that this treatment facilitates muscle fiber repair, enhancing recovery.

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The Science




The luxury, the experience, the style, the novelty and more for the high-performance life. It’s more than a treatment. It’s the new cultural lifestyle. You won't know recovery therapy before you try Cryo 954. Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete, you can reap the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy; improve your health, energy, and your overall sense of well-being. It's not magic, it's science!


Whole Body Cryotherapy is so effective it can be found in high–end athletic and training facilities. World–class athletes swear by its healing qualities and celebrities revere its rejuvenating capabilities.

Discover the power of the most advanced cryotherapy treatment. Experience the rush, feed off the adrenaline, feel reenergized, be brought back and revived. Let Cryo 954 give you a jump start and feel a volt of healing power.

Workout hard and workout harder the next day. Know that you are giving it all you've got on the gym, field, court, ring or wherever it is that you like to perform at your peak level.

Recover with Cryotherapy


Your body is a well-made machine, and when placed in conditions of extreme cold, it knows exactly what to do. In order to kick-start it’s internal heating system, your body cranks up your metabolic rate. You burn more calories faster and longer. Patients typically burn 500 to 800 calories 5-8 hours after the procedure. As far as cellulite reduction, WBC reduces fatty deposits by using extreme cold to constrict the blood vessels. After treatment, the skin is not only refreshed and tightened, but also rejuvenated and more elastic because of collagen stimulation.

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Skin renew cryotherapy


“I have had knee pain for years. After 6 sessions I was able to work a whole trade show for 12 hours a day without pain!"

Blanca / Sales / Health

“The chronic pain from my rheumatiod arthritis and fibromyalgia has been greatly diminished.  Nothing else has given me this relief"

Svea / Painter / Health



What to Wear?

You don't need to wear anything specifically; we will give you everything you need. You will undress in a private dressing leaving only socks and underwear on. We will provide you with gloves, shoes, and a robe to wear. Once inside the cryo sauna, you will remove your robe. We will only see your face; the rest of your body will be concealed. We ask you to not have any moisture on you or on your clothes. No external metals like jewelry are allowed, except for metals inside the body like medical metal plates.

Is it Painful?

Although it may sound very cold, it's not painful. In fact, it's a very tolerable experience since it's a completley dry treatment. You will not feel the cold pain as if you were in an ice bath. Safety is a top priority. A trained and certified Cryo 954 technician will remain with you during the entire session.

How long will my session last?

You can expect your first visit to last around 12-15 minutes. Every visit thereafter will be around 5 minutes

Do I have to do anything specifically after my session? 

There is nothing specific that you should do or avoid. At the conclusion of your session your muscles will warm immediately after blood rushes back to your peripheral tissues. You can go on about your normal day.

How often should I do sessions?

It largely depends on your conditions, your goals, and lifestyle.

Arthritis:10-20 Sessions

Joint Pain:5-10 Sessions

Fibromyalgia: 10+ Sessions

Weight Loss: 30+Sessions ( Burning 500-800 each session)

Recovery: as needed

Injury Recovery: as needed

For clients seeking the skin benefits, it will vary from client to client.



Whole Body Cryotherapy
First Time Customer Special

Cryo T-Shock


Cryoskin Toning Facial  -  $295

CryoSkin Body Toning or Slimming   –  $350


5 Pack of Toning Facials  –  $1,350

10 Pack of Toning Facials  -   $2,500

5 Pack of Body Toning or Slimming  –  $1,500

10 Pack of Body Toning or Slimming  -   $2,850


Cryo Facial

First Time Customer Special


Spot Cryo

First Time Customer Special



CElluma Light Therapy

First Time Customer Special


Add on to cryo session +$20 /session

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