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  • What to Wear?
    Please bring in a robe or towel to cover yourself before entering the chamber. You will undress in a private dressing leaving only socks and underwear on. We will provide you with gloves, shoes. Please bring your own socks(DRY) Once inside the cryo chamber, you will remove your robe/towel. We will only see your face; the rest of your body will be concealed. We ask you to not have any moisture on you or on your clothes. No external metals like jewelry are allowed, except for metals inside the body like medical metal plates.
  • Is it Painful?
    Although it may sound very cold, it's not painful. In fact, it's a very tolerable experience since it's a completely dry treatment. You will not feel the cold pain as if you were in an ice bath. Safety is a top priority. A trained and certified Cryo 954 technician will remain with you during the entire session.
  • How long will my session last?
    You can expect your first visit to last 2 minutes in the chamber. Every visit thereafter will be 3 minutes in the Cryo Chamber. Please keep in mind time to change and check in.
  • How often should I do sessions?
    It largely depends on your conditions, your goals, and lifestyle. Arthritis:10-20 Sessions Joint Pain:5-10 Sessions Fibromyalgia: 10+ Sessions Weight Loss: 30+Sessions ( Burning 500-800 each session) Recovery: as needed Injury Recovery: as needed For clients seeking the skin benefits, it will vary from client to client.
  • Do I have to do anything specifically after my session?
    There is nothing specific that you should do or avoid. At the conclusion of your session your muscles will warm immediately after blood rushes back to your peripheral tissues. You can go on about your normal day.
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